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Social Media Marketing plays a big part in today world, with over 3 billion people now online it seems crazy not to use this channel. Social media marketing is the practice of using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more to promote your business or service. These platforms can be used to promote your brand or drive large amounts of traffic to your website to generate either leads or sales. Love it or hate it, social media is growing rapidly with more platforms joining the ring and is often the go to when it comes to creating and sharing content. 


We use 2 main methods within social media that work, these are Paid Social and Organic Social. Paid Social is self explanatory, its social media activity which is paid for. In other words, it’s advertisements or sponsored content that brands pay a platform to display to audiences beyond their followers. Organic Social refers to the opposite, its all social media activity which is non-paid for. It uses free social media tools to build and engage with an online following.

The main advantage for Paid Social is it enables businesses to break through algorithms and connect with audiences that are unlikely to discover them. Whereas Organic Social is free. Tools such as custom hash tags or user generated content allows you to grow your reputation and thus grow your following by telling the audience your story.

We use a range of platforms to cater your needs and help achieve your goals. These are:










At Beehive we understand the importance of combining both methods and using them simultaneously to engage and nurture your followers while extending the reach of your brand to a broader audience. 

As organic reach continues to diminish across social platforms, it’s increasingly important to invest in paid social. As an example, organic posts on Facebook only reach 2% of followers. However this doesn’t mean you break the bank with Paid Social, Organic Social is necessary for ongoing success. With the free tools available it provides a great opportunity to promote your business to a loyal audience and extends your network through social sharing.

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