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SEO, short for Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of ensuring the visibility of your website and its content on search engine result pages making it easier for your target audiences to find you. This coupled with other digital marketing channels help increase the the visibility of your website.

However with Google’s ever changing algorithm, SEO is no longer about reaching number 1 on search results but to maintain that position ahead of all your competitors.

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One of the greatest benefits is to get in front of your target audience driving higher traffic to your website. SEO helps you create a sustained online presence for your brand, which in turn helps promote brand recall. With our unique approach to SEO, we make it possible to improve your website rankings.

Organic Traffic

Optimising the website and its contents that is relevant to your target audience encourages search engines to show your pages to people who are looking for it thus driving more traffic. We have an expert team at hand who ensure your website is relevant, trustworthy and engaging.



SEO accounts for a large chunk of a site’s traffic, which means an increase in conversions. This means an increase of sales, lead generation, social media shares. Beehive can help you grow sales and achieve your business goals.



Our SEO specialists take an in-depth analysis into your current online visibility and performance. Based on that, we create a plan in line with your business goals to create a successful SEO Strategy.

SEO Audit

Before we begin, we start by carrying out a full audit identifying all of the website’s issues and then create a strategic and tailored plan to ensure through implementation. The plan is designed to also take into consideration your business goals for the short, mid and long term.

Competitor and Keyword Analysis

The aim with SEO is to beat your competitors and appear at the top of the search results. We do this by carrying out an in-depth research of keywords and competitors and match their performance to your existing performance to identify the opportunities for growth and dominate the search engines.

Local SEO

Making a local impact is imperative as most consumers use search engines to find something local. This creates a great opportunity to reach potential clients. We believe this is key to a successful marketing campaign.

National SEO

At Beehive we want to put your business on the map, a nationwide SEO campaign will help your business be seen by a massive audience.

Link Building

Working in tandem with search engine result rankings (SERP’s) is Link Building. Building an extensive link profile helps give your website the exposure it deserves. 

Mobile SEO

With the world now using mobile devices to carry out searches, its becoming imperative to incorporate Mobile SEO into the strategy. We make this one of our top priorities when executing the strategy for your business.

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