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What is it

Pay-Per-Click otherwise known as PPC is an effective form of advertising which is highly cost affective. With PPC you only for pay whenever the end user clicks on your ad. The major advantage to PPC is you control the exact budget to allocate to this and how much you pay for each click. This means that you will never overspend and if targeting the correct audience, your results will be great.


PPC advertising has many platforms available to it. Even in the face of ever growing competition, Google Ads is the leader of PPC advertising as its one of the most effective tools in PPC advertising. 

That being said there are also other platforms that use the same PPC advertising model such as Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter which are all effective in achieving the same goals and that’s to generate sales/leads for your business


At Beehive, we have an expert team with decades of collective knowledge and expertise with PPC. We can not only manage your PPC campaign but also provide you with reports on the performance of the campaign. What makes us great is that we are heavily result driven meaning the team focus on generating you sales/leads. We tailor our plans based on each clients requirements ensuring that we are here to help our clients grow for the long term. 

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