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01. Social Media Marketing

OA dental practice in Manchester has been struggling to recover from the effect Covid-19 has on it’s business. They were looking to sell more implant products in order to increase revenue to levels they had seen pre-covid. Initially they decided to run their own marketing campaign on Facebook, a combination of, no experience, little time and poor quality leads meant that the campaign was a failure.

“At first we weren’t sure, this uncertainty was caused by the fact that the campaign we had run was unsuccessful!”

02. Lead Generation

We got to work right away, using a refined formula we have developed over years, we built a Facebook campaign for our client which was able to hit the ground running. Targeting a very particular group of people, the Facebook campaign was primed to bring in leads. We even researched the local demographic, so we could target the right, age, race and even gender amongst other characteristics.

03. Perfect Result

The results were staggering, our client saw £40,000 worth of revenue come into their practice, this was through 93 high-quality leads, 22 booked consultations, culminating in 15 new implant patients. Our relationship developed further, to the point this practice trusts us to bring monthly leads and train their staff on how to convert these leads into paying customers.