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01. Web Design

OThis client from Leicester wanted to increase their lead generation through Facebook. Like many dental practices around the world, they had head Facebook can be a great way to pull in leads. Like others, they initially decided to run the campaigns themselves and like others found little to no success. They burnt through a budget of £4,000 fairly quickly and had nothing to show for it,

“Hammad was amazing, his team got to work right away and always exceeded expectations”
– Practice owner

02. Lead Generation

We deployed our “FPF” formula right away and as always started seeing high quality leads quickly. We combined a super specific Facebook campaign with custom built landing pages. The potential leads landing on these pages went through a strategic qualification process, these leads were then nurtured with our very own AI powered nurturing system consisting of automatic call backs and follow-ups.

03. Perfect Result

The results were staggering. The dental practice saw an increase of £51,000 in revenue within two months, whilst at the same time increasing the patient list at the practice. The new income was through a combination of new implant and Invisalign patients. As with most of out partners, this practice decided to form a long-term relationship with us. We now bring in a steady flow on new leads every month.