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November 22, 2019
Development / Media

01. Web Design

OAftab is the head coach at the AHCA (Aftab Habib Cricket Academy). First of all he needed a website, an engaging one that stood out from his competitors. Aftab wanted a site he could upload to himself when and where he wanted, he was adamant that he would not want to rely on someone else other than himself to upload new content. We got down to building his site right away. Bearing in mind his request to be self reliant, we chose WordPress as our CMS. In order to differentiate his site from others, we pitched the “MasterClass” idea. This would be an area of his website where he could easily upload training videos in order to attract viewers to his site. A one day training programme was incorporated into the fee, this allowed Aftab to get to grips with his new website.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am with my website! It is so easy to use and all my customers love it!”
– Aftab Habib

02. Client Acquisition

Now, we had a website up and running, great! There was the small case of finding some clients. For this we recommended a Facebook ad campaign, we sat down with Aftab and built a picture of what his ideal clients looked like! After that, dare we say it was easy. Our team got to work building a funnel, starting with Facebook and ending with Aftab on the end of a phone call with qualified leads. Meaning we sifted out all those who were not likely to commit to his cricket academy well before he even got onto the phone to them.

03. Perfect Result

We touch base with Aftab once every two weeks, currently via his custom built client acquisition funnel, he has acquired over 60 new clients! All who see him as the authority in his field! He is able to keep his site up to date and just tells us when he wants to switch his funnel on and off. As and when he is ready for a new intake to grow his academy, he just shoots us a message switch his campaigns back on!